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Membership of the Friends helps you support the Cathedral and ensure the funds we raise go to specific targeted projects 

The main objectives of the Charity are :

a) arousing, stimulating and maintaining public interest in the Cathedral;

b) maintaining, beautifying, improving and adding to the fabric, fittings, ornaments, monuments, services and music of the Cathedral and maintaining and improving the precincts thereof;

c) providing a means whereby people who have at heart the wellbeing, mission and purpose of the Cathedral can be kept in touch with its life and work and can contribute by prayer to the work of the Cathedral, by personal services in the cause of the Cathedral and its works, and by financial provision of its needs as and when funds are available;

We have four categories of membership, annual subscriptions are due on the 1st of January each year.

Single annual - for individuals who wish to pay a subscription of £18.00 per annum.

Joint annual - for couples who which to pay a subscription of £22.00 per annum and are both members. 

Life members - a one off subscription of £250.00 for life.

Corporate - a subscription of £12.00 for schools, businesses, charities or other such bodies.



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